About Us

Founded in 1992, Citizen Outreach Foundation is a non-profit corporation organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.  The goals of the organization are to…

1.)  Create, develop and promote the discussion of public policy issues.

2.)  Encourage public understanding and awareness of public policy issues.

3.)  Increase awareness and participation in the governmental process by all segments of society.

4.)  Promote educational opportunities within the community and enhance the quality of education.

Citizen Outreach Foundation generally supports public policies that protect individual freedom, limits government, provides for a strong national defense and encourages free market capitalism.


ChuckPresident: Chuck Muth is president of Citizen Outreach and a longtime political activist in Nevada. He is the state’s #1 conservative blogger, an author, a columnist and veteran campaign trainer for organizations such as the Leadership Institute, the Republican National Committee, Campaigns & Elections Magazine and GOPAC.

Dan BurdishChief Executive Officer: Dan Burdish has been active in Nevada politics for over 30 years and is currently working full-time in Carson City during the 2013 legislative session. Dan is a former Nevada GOP executive director and well-known “number cruncher.” He’s also the GOP’s most successful voter registration operative.

Dorchuck, FeleciaChief Financial Officer: Felecia Dorchuck is an original co-founder of Citizen Outreach and currently serves as the organization’s Treasurer. In that role, Felicia is responsible for all payroll, bookkeeping and governmental compliance requirements, including overseeing audits, personnel, policy compliance and the completion of the organization’s annual 990s.