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Founded in 1992, Citizen Outreach Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established for charitable and educational purposes.

Citizen Outreach Foundation generally supports public policies that protect individual freedom, limits government, provides for a strong national defense and encourages free market capitalism.

To that end, Citizen Outreach Foundation seeks to increase awareness and participation in the governing process in a number of ways…

  • We promote awareness of public policy issues through online websites, blogs, social media, email, voter contact mail and telephone communications.
  • We host and sponsor conferences, forums, town halls, debates and other public events to educate citizens on issues and candidates.
  • We promote educational programs and opportunities to enhance the quality of education as it relates to the Founding principles of limited government, free markets and individual liberty.

Citizen Outreach also helps grassroots conservatives get involved in the policy-making process by explaining issues in a way the average “non-lawyer” can understand and make it easy for citizens to take action and make a difference in governing decisions.

At Citizen Outreach, we put the public back in public policy!

Chuck Muth, President
Citizen Outreach Foundation

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Promote educational opportunities within the community and enhance the quality of civic participation.


Create, develop and promote the discussion of public policy issues.


Increase awareness and participation in the governing process by all segments of society.


Politics and policy never remain static.  New issues and new projects pop up on a regular basis.  So while Citizen Outreach Foundation has a number of ongoing projects it sponsors, it's also uniquely positioned to act as a “special forces” organization that can quickly take on new projects and issues as they arise.

Pigpen Project

Citizen Outreach is leading the effort to clean up Nevada’s “dirty” voting files by finding and having removed from the “Active” registration list individuals who are deceased or have permanently moved from the address to which they are registered.

Nevada News & Views

Citizen Outreach’s conservative online “newspaper” focusing on candidates, issues and current events largely overlooked by the traditional “mainstream” media. NN&V also recruits and trains “citizen journalists” so that the conservative movement’s limited-government/pro-business messaging grows and spreads.

Campaign Management College

Citizen Outreach sponsors and conducts both online and in-person training workshops for conservative activists, party leaders, campaign workers and candidates so as to boost the effectiveness of grassroots lobbying and improve the chances of conservative candidates being elected to office.

“Politics on the Rocks”

An informal meet-and-greet “happy hour” event that Citizen Outreach has hosted since 2009. It’s an opportunity for like-minded conservatives and libertarians to network without the hassles and aggravation of a typical political party meeting.

Conservative Leadership Conference

Citizen Outreach has hosted this conference in Nevada since 2007; featuring state and national conservative leaders, policy makers and elected officials.

Taxpayer Protection Pledge

Citizen Outreach is Nevada’s “Keeper of the Pledge,” not only encouraging candidates to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, but holding their feet to the fire once elected. We are philosophically opposed to all tax hikes that would result in a net increase in funding for the government.


Combined, Citizen Outreach Foundation's management team has over 100 years of public policy experience in politics and government

Chuck Muth

President & CEO

Chuck is a longtime political activist in Nevada. He is the state’s #1 conservative blogger, an author, a columnist and veteran campaign trainer.

Felecia Dorchuck

Chief Financial Officer

Felecia is an original co-founder of Citizen Outreach and currently serves as the organization’s Treasurer. In that role, Felicia is responsible for all payroll, bookkeeping and governmental compliance requirements.

Dan Burdish

Chief Operations Officer

Dan has been active in Nevada politics for over 30 years. He is a former Nevada GOP executive director and well-known “number cruncher.” He’s also the GOP’s most successful voter registration operative.