Citizen Outreach helps agrassroots conservatives like you get involved in the political process by explaining important issues in a way the average “non-lawyer” can understand and make it easy for you to take action and make a difference in public policy debates.

Brushfire Alerts: Citizen Outreach regularly activates its grassroots network of “citizen lobbyists” to call, email, fax and otherwise communicate with legislators at the state and federal levels on conservative issues.

Legislative Ratings: Citizen Outreach issues rating scores based on the actual voting record, not rhetoric, of state legislators each session.

Campaign & Grassroots Training: Citizen Outreach sponsors and conducts both online and in-person training workshops for conservative activists, party leaders, campaign workers and candidates so as to boost the effectiveness of grassroots lobbying and improve the chances of conservative candidates being elected to office.

Mount Reagan Project: Citizen Outreach is leading the national effort to designate the peak at the top of Frenchman Mountain to the east of Las Vegas as “Mount Reagan” in commemoration of the 40th president. If successful, this will not only be a fitting tribute to a great American president, but will be an additional tourism attraction for state, U.S. and international visitors.

Taxpayer Protection Pledge: Citizen Outreach is Nevada’s “Keeper of the Pledge,” not only encouraging candidates to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, but holding their feet to the fire once elected. We are philosophically opposed to all tax hikes that would result in a net increase in funding for the government. (NOTE: Revenue-neutral tax reform proposals to broaden the tax base and/or make the tax structure more fair are negotiable.)

First Friday Happy Hour: An informal meet-and-greet event that Citizen Outreach has hosted since 2009. It’s an opportunity for like-minded conservatives and libertarians to network without the hassles and aggravation of a typical GOP meeting. This event has proven to be an extremely effective way to introduce and recruit “newbies” to conservative political action.

Center-Right Coalition Meetings: Modeled after the conservative “Wednesday Meeting” in Washington, DC, this private, invitation-only, off-the-record monthly lunch brings together leaders of various conservative groups and organizations in the Las Vegas area to share information on issues and projects of mutual interest.

Nevada News & Views: Citizen Outreach’s conservative online “newspaper” focusing on candidates, issues and current events largely overlooked by the traditional “mainstream” media. NN&V also recruits and trains “citizen journalists” so that the conservative movement’s limited-government/pro-business messaging grows and improves.

Conservative Leadership Conference: Citizen Outreach has hosted this annual conference in Nevada featuring state and national conservative leaders, policy makers and elected officials since 2007.

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