Legislative ratings are extremely useful to
Nevada citizens in helping them determine how
their elected officials vote in Carson City

Ratings of the 2013 Nevada Legislature
by Dan Burdish & Chuck Muth

Nevada’s 77th legislative session saw 1,123 bills or resolutions introduced, nine more than in the 76th legislative session, in the two chambers of the Legislature. While many of these bills were harmless, there were several bills dealing with government regulations, taxes/fees and individual liberty that we felt should be rated.

Citizen Outreach analyzed every bill in the legislative cycle and selected 22 Assembly bills and 32 Senate bills which we believe fall under one or more of these categories.

Using these bills, Citizen Outreach scored each legislator by giving them 1 point for each bill in which they voted in accord with Citizen Outreach’s position. A vote in opposition of Citizen Outreach’s position would result in a score of 0 for that vote.

One bill this session was deemed especially important and we double-weighted it.  AB507 was the main budget bill and passing that bill expanded Medicaid and required increasing taxes on Nevada residents by over $620 million.

In addition, as we have done since our 2009 ratings, legislators who signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge were given one extra-credit point for doing so.  All legislators were advised of this prior to the start of the session and afforded an additional opportunity to sign the Pledge even if they didn’t sign it during their campaigns.

2013 ratings

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