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Citizen Outreach hosts Nevada’s monthly “Center-Right Coalition” (CRC) meeting; a state-based version of the “Wednesday Meeting” hosted weekly by Americans for Tax Reform in Washington, DC.  There is no better way to share information than if everyone is around the same table.

The CRC meeting is called “center-right” because it encompasses individuals who represent a broad right-of-center coalition who may disagree on specific aspects of policy.  But the basic premise for participation is that everyone in attendance generally wishes to limit the role of government in their lives.

Everyone brings something to the table and the sharing of information is the best way to keep the conservative movement as a whole sustained.

Participants often include representatives from tax groups, business groups, second amendment groups, political parties, think tanks, grassroots organizations, home-schoolers, family groups, religious groups, friendly media, elected representatives, their staffers, government officials and occasionally, candidates for office.

Participating in the CRC meeting does not require anyone to sign on to any specific agenda or to agree to any specific policy issues.  However, being at the table allows participants to share what they are doing with other like-minded individuals in the conservative community, to learn what others are doing, and to share strategies and ideas.

CRC meetings are forward-looking.  These are not opportunities to complain or berate one another.  The meetings are a “no whine” zone.

Presentations by attendees are generally confined to a two-minute synopsis of what each person is working on; not a 10-minute soliloquy on themselves.  Just a short, to-the-point update on what’s happening in their neck of the woods.  If there is more information than can be conveyed in two minutes, presenters are asked to put it in writing and provide handouts.

The chair of the meeting may allow for questions following an individual’s presentation; however, such Q&A is not intended as an invitation to debate an issue or finger-pointing or criticism.  Such discussions may be held outside and after the meeting.

The CRC meetings are considered “off the record.”  Participants may not quote others’ comments to anyone outside the meeting without getting that person’s permission.  That said, all handouts and printed material are considered fair game and can be quoted without advanced permission from the presenter.

Participation in the CRC meeting is by invitation only.  If you’d like to attend an upcoming meeting, please contact Citizen Outreach President Chuck Muth at (702) 942-3291 or